Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Online Uniform Exhibition

As part of our online exhibition Project, here you can see a small portion of the Scout Uniforms that the Archives holds, focusing on the scout uniforms. Wolf Cub Uniforms will follow when photographed. You can see a massive difference between these uniforms and the uniform Scouts wear today.

An officers uniform dating from about the 1920s,
with minor moth damage and nice silk linning.

An officers Shirt with a fabric
34 Years Badge above the left pocket.
You can also see a hand made necker - yellow with black cord.

A Scouts shirt from Hampshire with a
 Wolf Cub Instructor Badge

This 1950s Senior Scout Uniform and belt belonged to the Present GSL at Pickering when he was a Scout in Wallasey in th 1950s where he gained his Queen's Scout Badge. Also Pictured a Mallet that was used by him with Nickname 'TAFFY' branded on the shaft.

The only Sea Scout Uniform in the Archives complete with 1940s hat,
 Second Class badge, Athlete badge, 1 year star, Tenderfoot, Patrol shoulder flash.

Part of the John Potter Collection with a framed picture of BP,
First Steps in Scouting Book, Membership Card and his uniform (detailed photos below)

His Printed King's Scout Badge and
 other Senior Scout Badges

More Senior Scout Badges and
 an unusual Bushman's thong made of yellow cord.

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