Sunday, 15 January 2012

Display Prep

The Old Boy Scout Uniform.
Purchased at war weekend 2011. 

My Old 1st Norton Group Necker.
Ampleforth College Group necker.
Ampleforth College Group is now closed.
Donated by Helen Dean a past leader at
Ampleforth Group.

A Gilwell necker, Wood beads, Woggle
 and wood badge course book.

A newspaper Clipping of 1st Vale of Pickering
Cubs when they won the District quiz
Today I have been putting together some objects for a Display I am doing at the Beck isle Museum in February. The display is on Scouting in Ryedale. I think I have just about got it all together. Ive been ironing old uniforms,  flattening crinkled newspaper clippings and doing write ups for the objects. All in all its been a productive day, this display will be the first of its kind there hasn't been a display on Ryedale of my knowledge to date. I'll keep you informed of when the Display is on.

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