Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Gilwell Training Collection

The Gilwell Training collection, the wool Gilwell scarf belonged to the late Ron Schultz a former Field Commisioner and a friend of the group donated by his Wife, The Cotton Gilwell Scarf belonged to the late George Cooper a past District Commissioner and Chairman of the Group. The Gilwell Woggle belongs to myself (Richard Bowman) used for display purposes, the complete Wood Beads was donated to the Archives by Scouting Past and Present archives, the metal woggle is a Gilwell Park Scout Camp woggle beloning to myself and used for display purposes, The half Wood Beads are of unknown origin which were found in a box of other Scouting memorabillia, The wood Badge tie belonged to the late George Cooper as did the 3 metal axe and log badges.

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